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Going Camping? Protect your back.

Spring is here! With the arrival of Spring, the days are drawing out and the mercury begins to climb. It’s at this time of year that Camping becomes more popular again. Camping is a great activity whatever the weather, however being without the comfort of your own bed can cause problems for your back.

Don't let pain stop you from enjoying your trip:

Before going…

• Pack a number of small bags rather than one large one, to spread the weight of the load

• Park as close to the campsite as possible

• Make sure you stretch before you start pitching your tent

Make sure to plan your activities in advance. During the evening make sure you’ve got a good table and chairs, this will allow you to avoid slouching over your plate. And make sure you keep your stove at a reasonable height.

Preparing your sleeping area:

• Remove any hazards such as rocks, stones, twigs etc. which may dig in to your spine

• Sleep sensibly keeping your spine in a straight line

• Make a sure you’ve brought a pillow to support your neck

• It is important to ensure you’ve got water to hand as it’s important to stay hydrated during the night

What you need to pack to support your back:

• Supportive mat to lay your seeping bag on

• Trusted sleeping bag that will keep you warm over night

• A pillow – you can even bring two, one to put under your head and one under your knees

• A bottle of water

• Supportive folding chairs

Most importantly – make sure to get any niggles or pains checked with your chiropractor before you go.

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