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Ashwood Chiropractic Logo

Ashwood’s ethos is one of functional movement, biomechanics and consolidating a seamless relationship between your muscles, joints and connective tissues. We do not just address your symptoms. We examine and identify the underlying problems causing your issues such as poor posture, incorrect movement patterns and bad habits then reverse them through spinal manipulation, exercise rehabilitation and soft tissue work. 


We do not use a cookbook method with our patient’s. Everyone is an individual with a unique set of signs and symptoms. An individual treatment plan will be developed for you. Some people may only need a handful of treatments to see results whilst others may take slightly longer. 


Every technique/ treatment method we use here at Ashwood Chiropractic Clinic is safe, evidence-based and most of all they are effective. Your care will usually be sub-divided into Passive Care (what we will do for you) and Active Care (how you will help yourself). Passive Care will consist of the work the chiropractor will perform such as the spinal manipulation, the soft tissue work and various therapeutic stretches. The Active Care component will consist of a set of prescribed exercises to help you strengthen areas identified as a weakness by our chiropractors. 

Our Clinic           

Ashwood's city centre clinic is set on the lower ground floor of a charming Victorian-era building with a large, bright treatment room consisting of plenty of natural light and high ceilings. We believe the setting in which you are treated plays a large roll in your overall recovery. 

Our clinic is constantly under-going improvements to enhance our patient's experience. 

Ashwood is a very environmentally friendly clinic, all the energy we use comes from renewable sources, our paper use is also very minimal.


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