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Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Spinal manipulation therapy commonly abbreviated to SMT involves the usage of a specifically directed manual impulse to a joint, it is often accompanied by "crack" or "pop". 

Spinal manipulation has been shown to be a safe and effective treatment option for the relief of back and neck pain when performed by a trained therapist.

Spinal manipulation can relieve back pain by taking pressure off sensitive nerves or tissue, increase range of motion, restoring blood flow, reducing muscle tension, and, like more active exercise, promote the release of endorphins within the body to act as natural painkillers.


The best way of using the SMT is in combination with other therapeutic modalities. There is evidence from a high quality study, that spinal manipulative therapy combined with exercise is more effective than other procedures like spinal manipulation or exercise alone. This is why most treatment plans at our clinic involve exercise rehabilitation. 

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