Meet Abigail


Originally from Gloucester, Abigail moved to Wales for university to study at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic. 

Abi has also expanded her knowledge and chiropractic skills by becoming qualified in techniques such as Kinesiology taping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation and medical acupuncture. She has also attended many seminars at Cardiff University's cadaver labs to gain an intricate anatomical knowledge.

During her final year at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, Abi was able to attend a placement on the Orthopaedic wing of Prince Charles Hospital. It was here she was able to watch surgery first hand. "This experience was invaluable as I now feel I can speak with empathy with patients who have been through the procedures."

In her spare time Abigail enjoys training in the gym specifically strength and conditioning training. She has completed multiple Tough Mudder's and other obstacle courses. She is also an avid MotoGP fan (Go Rossi!). Finally, Abigail has an insatiable desire to travel having already visited most countries in Europe as well as extensively touring the west of the USA.